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Health and Medicine


Sexual Health

Sexual health is making sure you are emotionally ready for sex, knowing if and when you want to have a family, creating safe relationships where you can have open and honest communication, and having safe and pleasurable sexual experiences.

Sexual health is all about you. Yes, it’s condoms and birth control, but it is so much more. It’s about finding a doctor or nurse you can talk with, and knowing how your body works. Figuring out when you are ready to have sex and being able to talk about it with that person. It’s about feeling good about your choices because you made the best choices for you.


DC Specific (The 202)

DC is a great place to get health services. Almost everyone has health insurance and there are clinics and centers to serve you in schools and around town. There are also places where you can get health services even if you don’t have insurance or want to use your insurance.

DC has school-based health centers that provide comprehensive health services to students enrolled at the school where the center is located. Youth over 14 years old can get free and confidential sexual and mental health services. No letters, bills, or other info will go to parents or other adults.

Do you receive your health insurance through AmeriHealth, MedStar Family Choice, or Trusted Health Plan? If so, you can rest assured that your insurance will not send any information home if you go to a doctor for sexual health services.

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DC School-Based Health Centers

This document, provided by the DC Department of Health, has information on school-based health centers (SBHC). These centers can serve as a student’s primary health care provider or provide specific services such as pregnancy testing or sexually transmitted infection testing.

American Sexual Health Association offers in-depth information about sexual health for teens and young adults, including sexually transmitted infections, relationships, and pregnancy.

STD Screening and Treatment

This page from the DC Department of Health provides resources for young people in the District of Columbia looking for sexual health information, such as where to find condoms or where to get tested and treated for HIV and STIs for free.