Sex Positivity

Sex Positivity

“Sex positivity is an attitude that celebrates sexuality as an enhancing part of life that brings happiness, energy, and celebration. Sex-positive approaches strive to achieve ideal experiences, rather than solely working to prevent negative experiences. At the same time, sex-positive approaches acknowledge and tackle the various concerns and risks associated with sexuality without reinforcing fear, shame, or taboo of young people’s sexuality and gender inequality.” (IPPF)

Sex must be good if we talk about it so much, right? Well, yes and no. Sex can be pleasurable, it can bring partners together, it can be fun, and it can bring new life into the world. Being sex positive means accepting this. But it also means accepting that for some, sex is not something they have interest in. Sex can be scary or confusing for some people. How we define and enjoy our sexuality is a personal decision that should be respected. Sex positivity is having an understanding of yourself and your body, as well as enjoying a physically and emotionally safe sex life.


DC Specific (The 202)

For people who don’t know DC, they might think it’s just people in suits, politics, and monuments, but DC is our home and it’s actually a pretty open place. The District is home to great go-go music that celebrates Da Butt, annual events such as the High Heel Drag Race, and progressive laws in which technically women can go topless in DC (although I wouldn’t try it). DC has sex ed in schools and is the only place where adults and youth can pass out condoms in high schools.

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Scarleteen – Pleasure

Scarleteen is an independent sexuality and relationship support organization and website. This page is all about finding pleasure and fulfillment, not just from sex, but other aspects of life.


HealthySexual is a sex-positive website with various resources on sexual health ranging from having a healthy sex talk with your partner to finding a testing location for HIV or sexually transmitted infections.


This page within the Bedsider website, which is an online birth control support network for women, offers three steps you can take to stop shaming yourself for your sexual choices.